8 Insights into Ransomware

8 Insights into Ransomware

10th April 2017

Ransomware is computer malware that installs itself on your system and then holds your customer data hostage. Not sure what steps to take to counter this growing threat? Here’s our instant guide.

1.  Many small and medium businesses assume ransomware is a phenomenon that does not affect them. Instead, they think it only touches huge organisations like international banks. Wrong!

2.  When they realise this might affect them, some then become discouraged: “If this can impact a major bank, what chance do we have of stopping them?” Quite a good chance, actually, if you put the right layers in place.

3.  The reality – and a key point to grasp – is that whilst some ransomware attacks are targeted, the majority of them are random. As such the size of the target is not relevant.

4.  The main methods of infection are still the usual email with links, infected web pages, infected documents or links within documents.

5.  Traditional antivirus often causes performance issues which makes it unpopular with users. It also depends on what is known as signature based detection and is no longer up to scratch when it comes to stopping this threat.

6.  The good news is that next generation security software is now available for SMBs and can help prevent these attacks. For example, Webroot is an antivirus layer that makes use of machine learning to identify threats. It’s also fast and light and does not degrade user performance.

7.  Education of your staff, is just as important as the software you buy. This should include simulated attacks to identify which of your users are vulnerable

8.  The evolving nature of ransomware attacks makes backup and business continuity critical. This is the key to recovering from an attack if it does manage to infect you.

The overall message is that businesses of all sizes are at risk but they can do something about it with a combination of the right software and user education.

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