Stepping up IT security – 4 practical steps

Stepping up IT security – 4 practical steps

15th May 2017

With recent news of global ransomware attacks, it’s clear that data security is an area of growing concern:

  • Hacking is in the news almost every day, while incidents of ransomware are on the rise.
  • New regulation in the form of GDPR comes into force in May 2018 and makes it imperative to have a concrete plan to prevent security breaches.
  • Opening suspicious files in emails is still the leading way in which malicious software gets inside an organisation.
  • Schools and charities are often targeted because they own large amounts of personal data.

ITEC recommends you review four key steps to counter the threat:

1. Assess the threat

  • An independent Security Review can carry out a rapid independent assessment of your network and scan your IT systems to identify security risks.
  • ITEC will then produce the report, which one of our experts will discuss with you.
  • An ITEC Security Review is especially effective at uncovering internal vulnerabilities that are often overlooked.

2. Install new software protection

  • Deploy the latest security technology which is more effective than traditional antivirus software.
  • We recommend Webroot, which uses machine learning and predictive learning to nullify threats and provide real-time global protection. Even better, it improves your protection while not slowing down the performance of applications on your device.
  • Email filtering (for example, using ITEC’s emailscan platform) can scan all emails before they reach customer systems.
  • Latest generation firewalls scan internet traffic on top of the endpoint protection software loaded onto the end devices. These firewalls detect malware and virus attacks and also prevent user access to websites that are inappropriate or unsafe.

3. Build a business continuity plan

  • It is vital to plan for a worst-case scenario in which you lose control of access to your data.
  • We recommend implementing a business continuity solution that means your organisation can carry on trading no matter what.
  • This might mean regular, managed backups to an ITEC secure server environment. Or it might mean the capability to temporarily re-locate your operations to a specially designed business continuity suite in our Plymouth office.

4. Digitise paper-based processes

  • If you still process lots of paper – for example, invoices and contracts – this should be the time to consider digitisation.
  • Digitisation is the route to consistency across your organisation and making sure everyone is adhering to the same standardised procedures.
  • Digitisation means targeting specific areas in your business to improve efficiency and deliver tangible return on investment. That’s why for some organisations acting on these issues shouldn’t be seen as a cost, but as an opportunity.

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