What’s on Your Network?

What’s on Your Network?

16th January 2018

ITEC’s mobility infrastructure business continues to grow at speed, and we’re pleased to announce ITEC is now an HPE Aruba Silver Partner.

In the mobility infrastructure space, we are building a strong track record in multiple sectors. For example, in the leisure sector where Paul Drake at Puxton Park has commented: “ITEC has helped us put in place an Aruba based mobility infrastructure to enhance significantly the complete Puxton Park experience. Our visitors now have instant access to great wi-fi  and amongst other things we will now be able to provide a range of special offers while they are with us in the adventure park.”

Another important sector for ITEC is education, as per this comment from Ben Forte, Director of Learning Commons & Network Manager at Devonport High School for Boys: “ITEC’s staff are highly skilled and give our school the confidence we need to deliver excellent services to our learners using our Aruba wireless network infrastructure.”

According to the latest Gartner report, Aruba has begun to pull clear of its competitors in terms of the product’s capability and functionality. So what factors are driving Aruba’s popularity, both with Gartner and with ITEC customers?

Perhaps the key is that Aruba equips an IT manager with a complete set of answers to pressing and tricky questions. How can I deliver profiling and policy enforcement? What about straightforward guest access alongside BYOD onboarding? How do I combine more robust protection from cyber threats with delivering a superior user experience?

Aruba gives you visibility of what is on your network and consistent access control. It works with whatever security solutions you already have in place.

A stand-out is ClearPass Policy Manager, the leading multi-vendor network access solution for wired and wireless networks. As networks grow in complexity, identifying what is actually on the network is the first step to securing your data. Security in the Aruba world starts with visibility of all devices – after all, you can’t secure what you can’t see.

Control through automated policy enforcement ensures that only authorised and authenticated users and devices are allowed to connect to your network.

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