Meet the Inspiring People Leading the Education Tech Expo

Meet the Inspiring People Leading the Education Tech Expo

26th October 2018

The best of the edutech industry is assembling at the Education Tech Expo on the 6th November at the Madejski Stadium, Reading.They are answering the government’s calls for an education revolution sparked by technology.

A group of speakers lead the brightest minds by delivering thoughtful tips throughout the day. They have provided us with some interesting insights into how headteachers, IT directors and finance managers can make their schools market-leaders. Excited to bring education into the future, they have tantalisingly teased their highly anticipated talks:      

Neil Sawyer, Commercial Channel and Education Director, HP

“How can we prepare students today for the world of tomorrow and tackle issues around diversity? Following a successful debate with the Parliament ICT for Education committee the day, I will talk about the important aspect of what are the skills needed for work for the future and how the education system respond to the skills gap and the digital divide in a way that benefits the UK economy.

“There is so much that we can do together today. Whilst budgets are tight, HP and ITEC will demonstrate how you can maximise your budgets and ensure that technology is used in a way that transforms the learning experience and inspires student success in the future of work.”

Sonny Sharma, Founder, New Ways to Learn and Spongy Elephant

“Despite decades of investment in IT and technology in UK schools, why doesn’t technology for teachers have the same warm and fuzzy feeling as getting a new Apple Watch for Christmas, or an Amazon Echo to control Hue light bulbs? The reality is that in the majority of schools, the latest from SMART is just a big TV, Apple iPads are useful for filling in gaps in teaching with low-impact game-based learning, Chromebooks threaten a lifetime of using Outlook email and fancy VoIP phones are just for making phone calls.

“Surely this is down to a lack of training? We need to go several steps beyond this simply being about training. If schools are going to leverage the benefit of technology it needs to be intuitive and quick to learn, offer the ability to personalise it, and focus on benefits, not features for the classroom.”

Paul Hiscock, Senior Technical Analyst, ITEC

“So many ICT providers declare that their Educational IT devices will transform the classroom. How many of these have failed to impact standards and frustrated school leaders on wasted budgets?

“We live in a technology era where artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing are rapidly changing the consumer market. How many of our schools can adapt to this evolution?

“Schools are expected to enable our pupils to undertake creative projects that involve selecting, using, and combining multiple applications, preferably across a range of devices. How can schools enable that unless they have an infrastructure that can embrace this technology evolution?”

Phil Dawson, Commercial Director, Airhead Education

“Everyone’s moving to the cloud and schools are no exception. Cloud just means your digital resources anywhere, anytime on any device and that’s good for teachers and learners. It saves time, money and supports collaboration.

“In my workshop I will be demonstrating how you can support teaching and learning using web resources and applications launched from a cloud desktop called Airhead.

“Airhead is designed to make it quick and easy for all staff and students to access their resources from one place with a single click. You can even launch Windows applications!”

Phillippa De’Ath, Chief Operations Officer, Arbor

“Traditional Management Information Systems (MIS) are messy and clunky. Schools collect a lot of data and it’s often scattered around and rarely correlated. This can make tracking a pupil’s performance a time consuming burden.

“This doesn’t have to be the case. Switching MIS to something like the cloud-based SIMS8 groups data in one place and gives you the chance to track student issues in real time.

“Streamlining the process also benefits students and staff. It will save 92% of teacher time, save 30% of money and, most importantly, 89% of switched schools see their performance improve.”

To hear the rest of these talks, register to attend the Education Tech Expo.

ITEC and HP have partnered to host the inaugural Education Tech Expo on the 6th November at the Madejski Stadium in Reading.  

Event FAQs

Where is the event?

Madejski Stadium. See directions

Where can I park?

Free parking on site

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Do I need to register to attend?

Yes – register here

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How do I find out the agenda?

You can view a full list of our agenda on our website


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