ITEC Employees Hope They Don’t Get “Punched in the Face” for Cancer Research

ITEC Employees Hope They Don’t Get “Punched in the Face” for Cancer Research

9th November 2018

Two ITEC employees are entering the ring for Cancer Research at the end of November. Hosted at the UWE Exhibition and Conference Centre in Bristol on the 24th November, the big fight night is attracting a big crowd and many ITEC employees are attending the event to support their colleagues and the great cause as they fight in the Ultra White Collar Boxing event.  

Lisa “The Bulldog” Greenfield, Key Accounts Director and Lewis “The Hitman” Hodson, Technical Analyst, both from the Bristol Head Office, want to conquer cancer by raising money to find a cure. All their fundraising goes directly to Cancer Research.

“Everyone knows someone who is impacted by cancer,” says Lisa. “The cause is very close to my heart. The more we can raise to help fight this terrible disease, the better!”

Very Rewarding

Cancer is not an opponent who goes down easily. Lisa and Lewis have been training for fight night with their fellow boxers.

“There are around 200 people taking part,” says Lisa. “It’s been a joy sharing this experience with lots of other committed people. We have made some great new friends along the way.”

Cancer doesn’t discriminate and Lisa loves how the fighters come from “all walks of life” and are at different stages of “fitness and recovery”.

“Learning a new skill has been refreshing, and the fact that the majority of the people involved are all new to boxing has made the experience fun as well as being very rewarding. It’s been great to train with Lewis, and I would recommend boxing to anyone who is up for a challenge. I’m always up for a challenge.”

Lewis is relieved the training is “going well”.

“I’m learning a lot, fast,” says Lewis. “So far it has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. There’s nothing like it.”

ITEC Staff Support Their Colleagues

ITEC staff across the country have supported the two boxers. As well as attending the event, many have donated to their individual Just Giving pages and raised money through a lot of concurrent fundraising activities. The Bristol office has had Dress Down Fridays for a month where employees donate one pound each Friday, and Dave Curtis has become the Bristol office’s head chef and sparked a feeding frenzy among Bristol staffers with his made-to-order bacon baps on Friday mornings, raising even more funds.

“We’ve had amazing support,” says Lisa. “The team has helped us raise as much money as possible. People have dug very deep into their pockets to sponsor us, too.”

The support has helped place Lewis at the top of the fundraising leader board with £583 at the time of publication.  

Trash Talk

Training for the big night has changed Lisa and Lewis.

“I train at the gym every night at the moment, so my social life is a bit quiet,” says Lisa. “But I can see how much my top-end fitness has improved, and I definitely focus on my diet more to ensure I have enough energy for the training. It’s fantastic fitness training.”

Looking to quit smoking, Lewis has discovered the mental and physical conditions needed to succeed in the ring have helped him.

“I’ve stopped drinking and cut down on smoking.” says Lewis. “My fitness has increased and I’m feeling healthier.”

When the big night comes, the lights dim and they enter the ring, the pair will have many thoughts racing through their heads.

“‘Can that jab get through my guard?’ mostly” says Lisa. “I am hoping I will make a good account of myself and not just throw wild punches before getting knocked out. Who knows how it will go on Fight Night…”

“I’m not so sure,” admits Lewis. “Hopefully it will be good. Just going to try my best and hope it’s enough.”

The pair have embraced boxing traditions, although Lisa’s trash talk is unorthodox:

“Please don’t hit my face!”

Book tickets to attend Fight Night on the 24th November at the UWE Exhibition and Conference Centre. All profits go to Cancer Research.

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