Beginner’s Guide to Asset Finance

Asset finance is ideal for maintaining, replacing and updating your organisation’s assets and offers flexibility and cost benefits.

10th June 2015

Whatever the size of your business, asset finance can offer significant benefits when it comes to your borrowing needs. When you need to keep tight control over your cash-flow and working capital, asset finance offers advantages for sourcing new equipment.

The key benefits of choosing asset finance for your organisation include:

Minimise ownership risk: Remove the risk of how much value remains in the asset at the end of the contract.

Delivers funds efficiently: The security contained within the asset can result in prompt turnaround of credit applications.

Eliminate uncertainty: Fixing the rental costs and payable interest for the duration of the contract helps your business plan for the future by eliminating uncertainty and costly surprises.

Cut wasted spending: The rentals reflect usage of an asset for a portion of its usable life – this is an important value added benefit where you expect to use it for part of the asset life.

Lack of Debt: Making use of asset finance allows you to keep your organisation’s borrowing options open.

Stronger Cash Flow: Small, regular lease payments free up your cash flow. This enables your organisation to adapt more easily to changing business conditions.

Clear Budget Management: Paying a fixed monthly amount over a defined period of time makes for more straight-forward budget management and financial planning.

We can help you identify the next step towards obtaining asset finance. It could be a complete overhaul of your technology infrastructure, a few extra vans, a company car, or new plant and machinery.

Our team of financial experts aim to aid you in source the funding your business needs, every step of the way. Highly experienced and always approachable, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the market and levels of customer service in which we offer our clients.

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