Itec Introduces M-Files

Businesses are often challenged with providing their staff with quick access to information that resides within their various internal business applications and databases.

10th June 2015

Massive amounts of structured data and unstructured content often reside within multiple and disconnected platforms, applications, locations and device. This creates compliance and security risks and also leaves employees with only some of the information they need to perform their jobs. As gold partners, Itec works with organisations of all sizes to deploy M-Files, from requirements gathering to end-user training.

M-Files helps organisations eliminate information silos created when important data and documents are scattered among different business systems, departments and devices. With M-Files, information is not tethered to a specific location – it can be accessed and synced between various systems and devices with no duplication of content. M-Files breaks down the barriers between companies and their information. Structured and unstructured content is freed from the confines of applications, platforms and information silos. Regardless of where it resides, M-Files enables employees to quickly and easily find and use the information they need to help them perform better, make more informed decisions and provide greater value to customers.

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