What is a Managed Print Service (MPS)?

9th September 2015

An organisation’s print environment is often an overlooked area in which cost reductions can be implemented. Many organisations are simply unaware of just how much they spend on print as well as its associated costs.

However, as more and more IT departments are tasked with doing more with less, managed print services are increasingly on the rise.

Why is there an increase in Managed Print Services?

For the vast majority of organisations without a print management strategy, and with no managed print service in place, printing costs can be reduced and sometimes almost halved. This is achieved after a full audit of the existing print environment is completed.

What is a Managed Print Service?

Managed print services are offered by an external provider who will take over the management of an organisation’s document output, with the aim of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

A good managed print service provider will carry out an initial audit to determine current costs and to effectively implement cost reductions and process efficiencies.
What does a Managed Print Service Consist of?

A managed print service is tailored to suit each organisation’s specific needs while providing complete support for the management of your print environment.
Typically a Managed Print Service is comprised of the following components:


This can include printers, photocopiers, scanners and multifunctional devices. Managed print service providers aim to consolidate outdated, costly and inefficient hardware by introducing with more efficient, reliable, eco-friendly devices.


There’s a range of software solutions to help organisations manage and optimise their print environments. Print software provides organisations with the ability to gain an in-depth insight into print usage by device. Print-based rules can also be implemented to keep costs down and to reduce wastage.


Managed print services contain different types of support – from day-to-day account management, help desk support for end-users and technical servicing and upgrades. Service and maintenance can be implemented remotely and on-site. Support in the form of regular reports to ensure costs are kept to a minimum and efficiencies gained are also included in managed print service support.

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