Document Process & Scanning Implemented at Military Club

9th September 2015

Established in 1862, the In and Out Naval and Military Club was created for Officers of the Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force. In recent years, it has expanded its membership criteria to include members of the public who haven’t previously served in the Armed Forces.

Manual, Paper-based Processes

To support the ongoing and growing membership numbers, the Club sought to implement a Document Management system. With requirements stipulating that membership files had to be stored long term, a significant portion of the Club’s central London office space was being used for storage.

Freeing up Office Space

Having 3 disparate storage locations that included email, physical files and network drives, searching for and locating documents became a time-consuming task. Duplicated files were constantly being created and then stored across different locations.
With a mixture of documents that varied in quality and size, as well as no record management practices for membership renewals in place, the Club needed an intelligent document management solution with built-in search capabilities. Being able to efficiently scan, categorise and store large document volumes, were key requirements in the effective management of membership files.

M-Files Document Management & Kodak Capture Pro

An initial requirements gathering analysis, conducted by the Itec Document Capture & Workflow team, kick-started the project. This one-day workshop helped the team determine the Club’s current manual processes and architect the right solution. Integration capabilities with the Club’s bespoke accounting system were also fully defined. From the outset M-Files was identified as a viable solution due to its in-depth search features and OCR (optical character recognition) module, which supports content indexing.

M-Files integrates with Kodak Capture Pro, which is a solution used to clean up scanned images and preserve the original state of the document – therefore making the scanned version equal to the original. The Club can now free up space by converting physical documents to electronic versions.
The Itec Document Capture & Workflow team also managed all aspects of the project’s implementation, configuration, integration, testing and end-user training.

Successful Automated Processes and Quick Search

M-Files has significantly reduced the Club’s time spent on routine file search and retrieval, while largely eliminating the risks and costs associated with storing paper files.
The Club now has an online central area to store all incoming and outgoing documents and M-Files offers ready-to-use indexing and search functionality. The Kodak Capture Pro Scanning solution preserves the quality of the original document and stores it in the correct location. This allows for faster retrieval of content and the ability to respond quickly to requests for information.

Email is now used to automatically send links to documents that exist in M-Files for other team members to review.

The In and Out Club’s Accounts Manager, Joseph Delaney, comments:

“I haven’t been a customer for a long time, but I have an excellent report card for this company. I will refer Punit and Itec. Everything is handled extremely well and your teams are to be praised. Great working with Punit –
a manager and a company that has it all together!”

Punit Shah – Category Director for Document Capture and Workflow at Itec.

“By taking advantage of the integrated Email Archiving function within M-Files, incoming membership details can be stored straight from MS Outlook into M-Files. We have eliminated the need to print and copy membership information. We are all about improving operational efficiency for our customers.”

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