Do SMEs Need a Managed Print Solution?

11th September 2015

Most small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are unaware of the true costs associated with running their office printers. This is in part due to supplies, servicing and hardware costs being spread across multiple budgets, and a lack of clear ownership of the print environment.
Office printing costs can often be viewed by SMEs as a necessary evil; they’re unable to benefit from high-volume cost reductions and yet they can’t eradicate their need to print.

SMEs and Desktop Printers

In an attempt to keep print costs to a minimum, SMEs often opt for quick fixes in the form of desktop printers. On the surface, desk printers seem like a low-cost investment but in the long-term, running costs can be extremely high. Printers also consume large amounts of electricity since they use heat during the print process – if an SME has multiple desktop printers, the use of electricity can also drive up costs.

The Solution

To reduce costs and establish a level of control on office printing, small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) can adopt a managed print service. Providers of managed print services will start the process by implementing an audit to gain an insight into areas where costs and inefficiencies can be reduced.
A print audit will uncover the following:

• The devices you currently have
• If and where there are redundancies
• Average print volumes and usage patterns
• Ongoing costs of running and managing the print environment

Upgrading to a Managed Print Service

Upgrading to a managed print service for SME’s will bring many short-term and long-term benefits, such as:

Greater Control of the Print Environment

With a managed print service, you can set up and implement print rules to keep within a predefined budget. This will stop costs from spiraling out of control and also ensure that there are no unexpected expenditures.

Monitor Print Habits

A managed print service allows you to monitor your office’s print habits and see areas of the business in need of improvement and reduce wastage.

Assign Print Rights

To meet various print needs across your entire business and workforce, a managed print service will enable you to assign permission rights and rules to certain user groups. For instance, you may want to allow only certain teams to print in colour.

Limit Printer usage

Similar to the previous point, a managed print service can enable you to limit certain printers within your fleet to certain groups.

Accurate, Flexible and Low Cost

A key objective of managed print services is to drive down print costs, increase efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. Businesses pay for only what they use and costs for all services, supplies and hardware are issued in flexible payments.

Ongoing Support and Services

With a managed print service, you’ll receive ongoing support from your provider, and if there’s an issue with your machine, you simply call or email for assistance.
Additional managed print support service encompasses:

• System design and proof of concept
• Implementation planning and project management
• Delivery, install, configuration and training
• Receive ongoing supplies
• Onsite break fix
• Equipment moves and changes
• Account management

Multifunctional Devices

The supply and ongoing servicing and management of Multifunctional devices are key aspects of a managed print service. These all-in-one devices drive productivity, are easy-to-use and contain all of the necessary features to support SME’s to fulfil their specific needs in an efficient and low-cost manner.

Upgrading to a managed print service can bring a range of benefits to SMEs, from monitoring and reducing costs to increasing productivity. Managed print services will benefit almost every SME.

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